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Family Support Course Series
Family Support Course Series

Family Support Course Series
In order to strengthen rare disease family functions and help the whole family to face the lives living with rare diseases, TFRD has been arranging a series of family support courses since 2003. Topics include children’s education, communication between children and parents, emergency medicare, and life education. In 2017, TFRD explored topics such as life insurance and personal finance arrangements, medical resources, massage & Legal courses, and art therapy.

Insurance Plan Course: 
Introduction to several frequently-seen 
insurance products 
and the matters needing attention when 
Illustrations were also made in the course in order to 
the participants understand.  Also, in order to maintain patient 

and caregiver’s life quality, caregiver’s insurance plan was also 
emphasized in the course.  

Massage Course: 
The course was lectured and exemplified by an experienced 
massagist. Participants can learn to massage correctly and 
practice it at home to help release stress.  

Medicare Course: Various but practical topics were included:
 “Rehabilitation at home, “Introduction to Assistive Technology”, 
“Doctor-Patient Relationship”, “How to Read a Medical report?” 

Psychological Support Course: 
Participants were invited to share their thoughts and reviews 
about a movie. Exercise activities were also put into the course 
to help participants relax during the class.

Art Therapy Course: 
Through Eurythmy, participants can 
experience the relationship between rhythm and their body. 
Furthermore, the course helped participants to feel calmness.

Legal Course: 
Through simple Legal courses, we hope to help 
participants learn to Legal Issues.