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English Website Translation Club      

The suggestion of building English website of Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders (TFRD) is the first step to connect TFRD with the world. Non-Chinese understand how rare disease developed in Taiwan and what service TFRD provided by browsing the websites. TFRD established ‘English Website Translation Club’ in 2018. The main idea of founding this club is for translating and volunteering. Patients of rare diseases have a chance to show their talent and can improve their own translation knowledge at the same time.

This biggest difference between translation club and other talent classes is that each one in the club has his/her own teaching assistant who can help him/her when facing any difficulty in time. The club members meet together every two months. A teacher from the university lead everyone discuss together and lead every one in brain storming. Our English abilities have improved a lot. Everyone translated 19 articles in 2018 and 37 in 2019. We appreciated the help of these translation volunteers connected Taiwan worldwide and let the world know more about rare diseases.

Translating objects: Projects and important activities or International reports.
Teacher: Kent Wang, Department of English Language and Literature, Soochow University.
Teaching assistants with translating background: Alex, Albert, Joy, and Linda.
Recruitment target: Rare disease patients above college.