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Writing Class      

  “Love and Hope” Writing Class

Since2008, the foundation has been irregularly holding the Cheers for Life campaignthat invites patients and their families to submit articles. Th enthusiasm andresilience expressed in their articles are really touching. The Collecting,Writing and Editing Camp in 2011 resulted in the book of Nine Meetings with a 0.01% Chance. The Heart Writing Workshop in2012 found that many patients have the interests and potentials in writing andcreating the energy to touch other people. The Love and Hope Writing Class,held since 2014, has resulted in many poems and articles. In 2015, theCollecting, Writing and Editing Camp resulted in the book of Rare Disease Travelers Book: Meeting in ThisLife. In the 2017, the foundation held writing events in northern andcentral Taiwan that allowed patients and their families to use creative writingto express their dreams. It is our belief that words have the power to comfortthese patient families and bring the light of life to them. In the future, wewill continue to hold writing campaigns and invite patients and families who areinterested in creative writing to join us.