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Experience Activities
Experience Activities      

It is difficult for patients to go out due to various limitations, including stress from care-giving, health conditions, and limited barrier-free spaces. TFRD has been hosting various kinds of outdoor and recreational activities since 2003, wishing to create wonderful memories for patients with the help from corporate partners, volunteers and professionals. At the same time, the effort aims to enhance the connection between patients and families through activity participation.

TFRD has been hosting local one-day tours for years. With the participation of corporate partners and volunteers, patients who are unable to travel could go out for a walk in the suburbs, and/or have a relaxed little trip during the weekend with other patients and volunteers.

Family’s Health Examination and Recreational Experience Activities
It is stressful to be a primary care giver. TFRD has been hosting “Health Examination for Rare Disorder Family” every two years since 2012. Through health examination and recreational activities, TFRD not only wants to take care of family’s health but to provide chances for families to take breaks and relax.

The activities provide chances for families to exchange experiences. It is particularly important for families with newly-diagnosed patients because they often feel lost and helpless. Many have received plenty of information and emotional supports from the events.