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Print Media Propaganda
Print Media Propaganda

Print media is an important channel to advocate for rare disorders, including newspaper and magazines. Besides collaborating with medias, TFRD also invites celebrities and stars from different fields to be our public ambassadors.

TFRD wishes that the influence of celebrities would not only gather people to support public welfare, but also catch their attention to rare disorders. Since 2007, TFRD has invited more than 40 celebrities and sports stars to shoot public welfare commercial. In order to raise the awareness of rare disorders, the promotion could be seen on the public transportation and in the press media.

Public Ambassador:
2007-孫燕姿 (Stefanie Sun )
2008-蔡依珊 (Patty Tsai)
2009-關穎 (Terri Kwan )、藍正龍 (Lan, Cheng Long )、周幼婷(Jade Chou )、溫昇豪 (James Wen )
2010-FIR、林智勝 (Lin, Chih-sheng )、侯文詠(Hou, Wen-Yong )、光良(Michael Wong )、趙少康(Chao, Shao-kang )
2011-謝震武(Hsie, Zhen-wu )、張泰山(Chang, Tai-shan )、許瑋甯(Tiffany Ann Hsu )、于美人(Belle Yu )
2012-蕭敬騰 (Jam Hsiao )、朱木炎(Chu, Mu-yen )、中華職棒球星 (Professional Chinese Baseball League Players)、Janet
2013-中華職棒球星(Professional Chinese Baseball League Players)、林依晨 (Ariel Lin )、隋棠(Sonia Sui )
2014-中華職棒球星(Professional Chinese Baseball League Players)、盧廣仲(Crowd Lu )、桂綸鎂(Kwai Lun-Mei )
2015-中華職棒球星(Professional Chinese Baseball League Players)、伍佰(Wu Bai )、張鈞甯(Janine Chang )
2016-郭泓志 (Kuo, Hong-Chih )、宋芸樺(Vivian Sung)
2017-解偉苓(Yvonne Jie)、王建民(Wang, Chien-Ming)、曹竣崵(Tsao, Chun-Yang)、孟耿如(Summer Meng)
2018-侯佩岑(Patty Hou)