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Welfare Home
Featuring Programs
Fitness/Rehab Room
Equipped with professional fitness /rehab facilities, the room is designed for patients of different levels of disabilities, with trainers and therapists on hand. Caregivers can also take advantage of the facilities to exercise and alleviate stress.

Counseling Room/Healing Garden
Faced with the impact resulted from rare diseases, these families need to be in a safe and uninterrupted environment for psychological counseling. Individual and family sessions will be provided. Also a well-planned healing garden is a perfect venue for horticultural therapy.

Nutrition/Baking Room
Some rare disease patients need special dietary care, including low-protein diet, high-calorie tube feeding or foods that promote immunity. The room is a venue for dietetic therapy, providing rare disease families with hands-on information on food safety and nutrition management.
Horticulture Studio/Barrier-free Farm
Watching plants grow is healing. Horticulture Studio is to let rare disease families take part in horticultural courses/ activities. They can also get close to the soil by farming and enjoy what a barrier-free farm can offer.

Greenhouse is a place where small potted plants are available for viewing and working. The plants will be featured products for sale of Welfare Home. At the corner of Greenhouse, there will be a lounge where rare disease families can rest and interact with one another.

Welfare Bathroom
Wheelchair users and patients who are bedridden usually find a good bath hard to realize at home due to the lack of space and assistive technology. Welfare Bathroom is to have barrier-free and well-thought-out bathroom facilities. With the help of assistive technology, caregivers can accompany patients to enjoy taking bath at ease.

Genetics Room/Social Education
Rare disorders are mainly caused by genetic defects. To raise public awareness about rare diseases, Genetics Room is to house various materials of life education and popular science, which will be presented in a lively manner.