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In an effort to help patients pursue their studies and to encourage those who have not given up on their education, with enterprise support, the Foundation established the "One by One Rare Disease Scholarship" in 2003. 
Through the scholarship, patients can become independent and in turn contribute to society. 

We hope that through the different scholarships, we can encourage rare disease patients to perform academically and to receive the recognition that often alludes them because of their illnesses. 
Furthermore, we hope to encourage rare disease students' classmates to lend their helping hands at school. 
With others' help (teachers and fellow classmates), patients can learn and enjoy school life with worries. 
In 2017, 331 rare disease students of 90 diseases received scholarship awards.
The scholarship awards are divided into 9 types:

Rare Disease Financial Aid
Targeted at those who are from low-income households to assist them to successfully receive education.

Rare Disease Academic Excellence Scholarship
To encourage patients with excellent academic records to develop their competitiveness. 
This scholarship aims to encourage them to receive education, to increase knowledge and skills and to cultivate a perseverant spirit.

Rare Disease Service Scholarship
To encourage rare disease patients to help others and to act responsibly.
To encourage them to put their own suffering aside, educate the society and help others.

Rare Disease Talent Scholarship
To increase artistic learning opportunities for rare disorder sufferers.
Through the scholarship, patients can be stimulated through art and receive spiritual care.

Rare Disease Patient Study Aid
This package includes: on the job study aid, occupational training assistance, national xam study aid, professional exam study aid, post-graduate study aid, etc. 
The Foundation aims to encourage patients to go outside the home and into society.

Rare Disease Patients Friendly Assistance Scholarship
To encourage classmates, colleagues or friends to help rare disease patients at school, work or everyday life. 
The scholarship is aimed to publicly acknowledge the kindness of these people.

Rare Disease Academic Improvement Scholarship
For some patients, no matter how hard they work, they are still unable to obtain excellent grades. 
To show them the merit in showing improvement, we have established this scholarship.

Rare Disease Academic Performance Scholarship
To encourage those patients who do not give up in the pursuit of academic excellence, who successfully pass exams to enter university, graduate school or who successfully pass the national exam.

Rare Disease International Scholarship
To encourage those rare diseases to pursue higher academic standards and expand their international horizons, hope they can use their own experience and international knowledge to contribute their knowledge to the relevant fields of helping other patients.
We hope to lead those children with love to overcome the hardship of life, and find the brightest star in their sky.