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Tsai Fuu-jen Wins Medical Dedication Award

Congratulations to TFRD’s Managing Director Tsai Fuu-jen on Winning the 30th Medical Dedication Award

Dr. Tsai Fuu-jen, who has dedicated himself to the rare disease (RD) research and medical care for 34 years with remarkable contributions in both academic and clinical areas, won the 30th Medical Dedication Award. The award ceremony was held on November 7, 2020. Vice President Lai Ching-te and Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung both came to the scene to present the award.

In 1986, Dr. Tsai resolutely devoted himself to the field of genetics after seeing the helplessness of patients with RD and their families. In 1992, he was recognized by the Genetics Committee of Taiwan Pediatric Association and became the ninth medical genetics specialist in Taiwan and the first one in the central Taiwan, pioneering his way to RD research and treatment.

Dr. Tsai discovered there were racial differences in RD diagnosis. He established Taiwan Rare Disease Database aiming at helping diagnose rare diseases, providing genetic counseling services, and working with TFRD to introduce the Taiwan Rare Disease and Orphan Drug Act and the Expanded Newborn Screening. Furthermore, due to very few cases, hospitals didn’t have any stock of orphan drugs. If diagnosed, RD patients have to apply to the government for permission to import the orphan drugs they needed through special applications, which often failed to reflect the urgency.Thanks to Dr. Tsai's efforts, the government established the Rare Disease Drug Logistics Center in 2001 to fulfil RD patients’ need to get the drugs in time.

Dr. Tsai’s lifelong devotion to genetic research to seek the chance of survival for RD patients is truly rare and commendable.

Translator: David Lee (Becker Muscular Dystrophy)