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The Gathering of Nine Life Fighters

“The Gathering of Nine Life Fighters”: True Life Stories That Touch the Heart

In February 2011, TFRD held the writing camp for the first time and brought together 9 “life fighters” of different ages and with different rare diseases. After a year and a half of exchange of life experiences, they published the book about their life stories. On February 3, 2013, they held a unique book launch event in Taipei International Book Exhibition.

The writing camp was planned and led by Ms. Huei-Ching Zheng(鄭慧卿女士), the author of “The Garden in a Hopeless Land” (絕地花園), and the book was published by Living Psychology Publications(張老師文化出版社). Through words, the life fighters’ extraordinary struggles could be seen. Even though the light is faint, it illuminates every corner in the darkness.

At the press conference, 9 authors shared their thoughts on pursuing “freedom”, “love” and “dream” in life. Even though regular visits were necessary, William Luo, Dao-yi Chen and Wen-han Yu were still not trapped by rare diseases. They traveled the world with youthful hearts. Gentle and introverted Jie-ru Gu, Rui-zhen Su and handicapped Jia-guo Liu sincerely explained the importance of family and love in their lives. Earnest and determined Shu-hui Lee and Zhi-ming Lai shared their own little dreams. In addition, Peng-wei Yuan, who suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also used the LED alphabet board to express his desire.

Translator: William Luo (MPS), Reviewer: Linda Tsai