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Let’s Donate Electronic Invoices by Saying “9527”

Have you noticed that more and more stores are starting to use electronic invoices?

To reduce the use of paper invoices, the government is promoting electronic invoices, and more and more people decide to store invoices in Easy Card. However, those who regularly donate paper invoices to social welfare organizations will definitely ask, “How can we donate invoices in the future?” Don’t worry, donating electronic invoices is actually easier!

TFRD applied to the government for the love code “9527” used to donate electronic invoices, which sounds like “Have a Caring Heart” in Taiwanese. In the future, just tell the clerk before paying, “I want to donate the invoice. 9-5-2-7.” Then you can make a donation.

The foundation also launched four styles of “9527 Barcode Stickers” with patients’’ paintings. Everyone can paste it to the back of Easy Card or other frequently used cards for the clerk to scan the barcode at checkout, which is both attractive and convenient.

Translator: Edward (Mitochondrial Defect), Reviewer: Linda Tsai