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New Book Launch Not Run Away Dad is Moving People

I’m your forever backing. Ten rare papa’s book of hope was published.

He is a street kneading master. He is a bridge engineer. He drives a taxi all over the streets… These dads are normal and unique. They all have children with rare diseases. We call them ‘rare papas’.

Children grew up health and happy. Same hope make them built up Not Run Away Dad Club. Because these dads have a gathering of complaining, singing and crying. They have power to fight together.

Not Run Away Dad tells ten rare dads true story. They come from all walks of life. They all have their own vulnerability and anxiety. What makes them keep on the heavy responsibility of caring for sick children, and insist on embarking on a road of struggle with joy and sorrow?

Author's delicate brushwork reveals every little detail about the meaning of life of these fathers along the way.

Introduction to the wonderful page of this book http://www.bookzone.com.tw/event/GH138/index.asp

Translator: Newny Chiang (MS), Reviewer: Albert Kuo