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Pneumococcal Vaccine Subsidy Program

Pneumococcal incubates in humans’ respiratory tract and causes infection easily with weakened immune system. Minor impact can result in otitis media, sinusitis and so on, while major impact can cause invasive pneumococcal disease. Since 2009, the Taiwan government has gradually provided government-funded vaccination to children under 5 years old and seniors aged more than 75 years old.

Rare disorder patients are weak and are at a high risk of being infected by pneumococcal. Although some of the rare disorder patients qualify for the government-funded vaccination, the majority of population is not covered by this benefit. As a result, to maintain health and to prevent possible severe complication, Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders has been providing “Pneumococcal Vaccine Subsidy Program for Rare Disorder Patients” since 2015. With the vaccination, most rare disorder patients stay healthy and are not being infected by the pneumococcal.

Qualified individuals: This program provides subsidy to rare disorder patients who do not qualify for the government-funded vaccination program (i.e. aged between 6 and 74 years old).

Subsidy: Reimbursement for one dose of pneumococcal vaccine which includes pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (13-valent) or pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine. Registration fee, injection fee, or any other administration related expenses are not covered.

How to apply: Please consult with attending your physician to confirm the type of vaccine that is suitable for each patient. The subsidy application form must be completed and signed by the attending physician.

Translator: Newny Chiang (MS), Reviewer: Albert Kuo