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S.P. Lin received 29th Medical Dedication Award

Dr. Shuan-Pei Lin, Chairman of TFRD, received the 29th Medical Dedication Award

    In 1970s, rare disease was rarely known by Taiwanese, and patients were often treated or regarded, with religious perspective, as being punished or cursed because of bad karma. The helpless and inferior patients were, in most cases, neglected by medical and social system.

    Dr. Shuan-Pei Lin, chairman of Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders (TFRD), has firmly believed that rare diseases need not only passive treatment, but also active prevention. Once flying to the United States for human genetics advanced study, Dr. Lin said, “Medicine may cure physical symptoms, but it takes more than medication to gain mental health. I always ask myself what else can be given to rare disease kids and keep trying my best to provide them with assistance, either from myself or from like-minded partners.” Therefore, ever since returning from U.S., he started to promote the establishment of TFRD with Serena Wu and Prof. Min-Chieh Tseng, two Rare parents. Moreover, he set up two genetic laboratories, building up clinical, research and teaching capacity, to actively enhance the prevention of rare disease. One of the most well-known service is newborn screening, with which a rare patient may be diagnosed in advance and treated properly at an early stage, thus greatly improve the treatment efficiency. Connecting national and international teams of rare disease research, development, and clinical testing experts, Dr. Shuan-Pei Lin gradually established rare disease treatment model in Taiwan. He is a pioneer who introduced selfless devotion and abundant efforts worldwide to nurture every rare disease family in Taiwan.

    There are still many idealist people in today’s utilitarian world. They don’t ask for reputation, but silently devote themselves in small corners of the society. In order to recognize and award the long-term tireless devotion from medical, nursing, and administrative staff in Taiwan, and to praise their compassionate noble minds, the 29th Medical Dedication Award mostly went to “Guardian Angels of Children.” The awardees may have improved the medical condition of rural area, or have spoken up for children with rare disease, being abused, or who were unborn.

    Dr. Shuan-Pei Lin always spends plenty of time with patients and their families, carefully tracing their physical condition and family disease history from chitchats or casual conversation. Dr. Lin’s thoughtfulness is highly praised among patient families, and his considerate medication also quite rare in such a fast-paced, efficiency-oriented society. He used to say that rare disease patients need to be treated more attentively because of the rareness of their disease. Thus, he actively participates in patient groups, trying to take some time from his busy schedule to accompany his rare patients. The smiles and growth of the patients become his momentum to keep moving forward. With the wholehearted devotion to rare disease, Dr. Shuan-Pei Lin truly deserved the 29th Medical Dedication Award.

Translator: Annie