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《The Story Island of Fireflies》Picture Books

The Story Island of FirefliesReleasingof [About Rare Disorders Picture Books]

For years, TFRD brings lively stories to campus to let children understand difficult knowledge of rare disorders easily, helping them know all the difficulties in life. The foundation invited an occupational therapist, Akira, who is also an illustrator, and the other illustrator, Ms. Chung, a patient of spinal muscular atrophy who drew The Story Island of Fireflies Print Books together. They brought the children into stories to know about rare diseases.

This series of picture books originated from the 12-episode music radio drama, The Story Island of Fireflies, co-producedby TFRD and E-classical Radio in 2015. They introduced different kinds of rare disorders through lively voice of Ms. Qiu. It triggers positive responses and supports from the public. This program includes the rare diseases which are more commonly seen in campus such as Phenylketonuria, Ectodermal Dysplasias, TuberousSclerosis, Thalassemia Major, Huntington disease, Prader Willi Syndrome, Williamssyndrome, Hereditary Epidermolysis Bullosa, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, SpinalMuscular Atrophy, Achondroplasia, etc.

To make the picture book seen more widely, there is a special section for The Story Island of Fireflies on the official website of Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders
(http://www.tfrd.org.tw/tfrd/library_b2/Story/category_id/9 ). Browsers can view 12 sets of picture books easily online. You can enjoy each astonishing story with Chinese sound and words.

Translator: Newny Chiang (MS), Reviewer: Albert Kuo