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TFRD to Create Employment Opportunity

TFRD to Create Employment Opportunity with Enterprises

Occupation does not only create income but also the proof of self values. However, most rare disease patients are limited from labor market because of their diseases. To create working opportunities for rare disorder patients, Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders cooperates with Nuskin Enterprises Taiwan branch, providing Nu Café, a space for rare disorder patients selling their hand-made products.

A-Ting, a 24-year-old girl, is affected by hereditary epidermolysis bullosa. Hereditary epidermolysis bullosa is a genetic disease which causes blains on the skin or in the gullet; besides, fingers and toes are adhesive. Due to limitations of the disease, it is more difficult for her to find a job. However, A-ting doesn’t give up herself and learns nail art aggressively instead. In Nu Café, the new cooperation between TFRD and Nuskin helps her setting up her career just right on time. “Except for my appearance, I have no difference from others” A-Ting said, with the desire to prove her ability by working. 

A-Sheng is one of the beneficiaries from this new working space arrangement. He is a dough figurine maker and a father of rare disorder patients affected by Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). Dough figurine making, a Chinese traditional art skill, creates little dolls with dough in many different forms, such as dragons, animals, even fairytale figures. Although dough figurine making is a traditional art in Chinese culture, its popularity is going downward in the modern society. A-Sheng is now making efforts to revive this traditional craft, and with which, support his family. 

Nuskin Enterprises Taiwan branch currently offers two temporary stands in Nu Café for TFRD’s patients every Saturday from September to December 2007. In this safe and comfortable environment, the patients are able to start their own business and enjoy their work. A-Ting and A-Sheng are content with the opportunity and grateful to customers for their encouragement.