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RD Book Series
The Garden in A Hopeless Land
  • Author:Zheng Huei-Ching
  • Original Language Publisher:TFRD
  • ISBN:986-81759-3-3
  • Publication Date:2006-03-06 09:03:06

This book contains seven stories, recording the journeys of a small group of people.

They have struggled through illness to transform a withered land into a field teeming with life. On their sickbeds, they appreciated life, sought dreams and helped each other. By doing so, they show a colorful world unseen and unknown to the healthy. They wrote down beautiful poems with their difficult lives.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Photos of Life
The Author Introduces:
Zheng Huei-Ching was born in 1954 in Taipei. She graduated from the Department of Philosophy of Chinese Culture University, Taipei. She used to be the vice editor of MinE magazine for Living Psychology Publisher and now a freelancer writer. (NT$250)