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20th anniversary
Documentary- A New Lease On Life For Rare Disease

With the assistance of the government and enterprises, TFRD has reached out to, directly and indirectly, over 15,000 families. Here are the stories from 6 rare disease patients who turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, undoubtedly the best gift to mark TFRD’s 20th anniversary.
  1/ Ren-Hao Hsiao (Gaucher's Disease):
Taiwan's first rare disease child that received healthcare with the attention from the society.
  2/ Mr. & Mrs. Chu:
Parents of a child with Angelman syndrome / Support Groups Sticking Together.
  3/ Turn over A New Leaf:
Rare Disease Diagnostic Odyssey / Expanded Newborn Screening.
  4/ Yen-Ting Chen, the Two-fingered Pianist:
The Soothing Classes on Weekends.
  5/ Hui-Chun Lin (SMA):
A Heart Set on Having a Child / Love Passed on via Genetic Counseling.
  6/ The Wind-runner:
A Ten-year Comeback / Dreams fulfilled through Home Visits.