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Participates in the rare disorders seminar held by Hong Kong Peninsula Rotary Club.
Professional baseball players donate their gear for the “fulfilling dreams+” charity bidding



Holds the baseball experience camp for Rare Diseases Day.



Holds joint conference for home rehabilitation professional workers in northern Taiwan.



Holds the “life of main character – life story workshop” in central Taiwan for the first time.
Central Taiwan heavenly music choir is invited to perform at Yunlin story house.



Rockport donates FILA & IFME shoes.
Holds press conference on results of the new-born children screening project sponsored by
     International Rotary Club.



Holds the first summer science class and job experience event in central Taiwan.
Rail & ocean trip to Hualien – patients’ summer trip.



Aboriginal cultural park & sun moon lake – patients’ summer trip.
Holds the handsome chef of rare disorder dads event for the first time.
Training course for rare disorders educational lecturers.



Holds the support group meeting for rare disorder families for the first time in southern Taiwan.
Holds the medical study camp for rare disorders for college students for the first time (Taipei).
Promotes low-protein nutrition classroom.
Holds study class for rare disorder teachers for the first time.
Heavenly music concert in northern Taiwan.
Heavenly music concert in central Taiwan.



Heavenly Music Concert in southern Taiwan.
Holds the accessible farm experience day-trip for patients for the first time.
Holds the launch event for the documentary film “Quietly recording everything of your rare
     disorders” with the department of mass communication, providence university.

Holds the vegetables and high fabric healthy cooking course in southern Taiwan for the
     first time.

Holds the job seminar for rare disorder patients.



Holds the exhibition for painting and writing classes.
CoNGO chairman Cyril Ritchie visits the foundation.
Awarded the 13th Yuen-Shu Award among non-indigenous groups.
Holds the award ceremony of the 15th rare disorder scholarship.
Attends the 2nd ASEAN rare disease networking and Asia-pacific rare disorder patient groups

Holds the “rare beauty, sends love in Christmas” painting exhibition for rare disorder patients
     in Grand Hyatt Taipei



Holds the horticultural experience event at the recreational center.
Joint choir for northern and southern Taiwan heavenly music choirs for inaugurating
     Christmas lightings.

Nominated for the power of love campaign of Taishin Bank.
Holds the run to dream chip donation campaign at Taipei marathon.
Launches the first micro-film of rare disorders: counting love – not a rare life.