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“500 Osmanthus Trees, 500 Benefactors” charity donation campaign.
Joins hands with Fullon Hotels and Jianguo Holiday Flower Market to hold an outdoorpainting
     day for the rare disorder painting class.


The rare disorder painting class holds the “Happy Monkey Year, Have A Nice Year”exhibition
     at the arts gallery at the Presidential Office for the first time.
Holds the first rare disorder basketball camp for International Rare Disease Day.


Holds the discussion for rare disorder home rehabilitation therapist in centralTaiwan.
Holds local resources seminar and agricultural experience event in Hsinchu.


The rare disorder painting class goes to recreation center for outdoor painting.
The foundation’s executive director, Kuan-ju Chen, and staff attend the paneldiscussion held
     by the drug policy reform alliance.
The foundation and Taipei city mental health center jointly hold the rare disorder terminal
     mental care seminar and the rare disorder mental consultation annual seminar.


The foundation carries out the rare disorder family visits for dragon boat festivalto high-risk
     rare disorder families around the nation.
Holds day-trip for patients of all rare disorders. A total of 110 people participatedin the
Hods the second rare disorder family cooking course (on June 19 and July 3).


The foundation joins hands with SOGO Taichung for the first time to hold raredisorder
     patients painting exhibition.
Holds the astronomy experience camp for teenagers in northern Taiwan.


Holds the exercises your body and builds creativity with hands summer talent course
     in southern Taiwan.
Holds the summer talent course and patients/friends growth groups in central Taiwan.
Holds the summer 2016 patients trip – A rarely-seen Guanxi, flagrance of osmanthus trees –
     for northern Taiwan. Participated by 120 people.
Holds the summer 2016 patients trip – A rarely-seen Guanxi, flagrance of osmanthus trees –
     for central Taiwan. Participated by 120 people.
Holds relationship peer group for teenagers in southern Taiwan.
The foundation holds the professional rare disorder social workers seminar for thefirst time.


Holds the “Brave to fly, blossom in life” teenager experience and growth camp in
     central Taiwan.


Holds rare disorder drama workshop in central Taiwan.
Holds the rare disorder low-protein foods and drinks nutrition class.


The foundation is invited to participate the Sichuan special education and care exchange
     seminar held by Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation and China Soong Ching Ling
Holds the 2016 love music concert for rare disorders.


The foundation co-hosts the 2016 MLB baseball charity event for rare disorders.
Prof Min-Chieh Tseng, the co-founder of TFRD is invited to participate theinauguration of NGO
     committee for rare diseases at UN headquarter in New York.
Director Yi-Ping Lin attends Asia seminar for rare diseases in Malaysia.
Holds press conference for the refusal to make speech at the UN NGO committee for rare
Holds the 2016 rare disorders scholarship award ceremony. A total of 332 studentsreceive the


Holds the exhibition for 2016 rare disorders mind painting and writing classes.
Invited by Hong Kong rare disorders alliance, the foundation shares its experience at teacher
     heng training workshop.
The foundation signs agreement with Artech to jointly build rare disorders recreational center.