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 Established the long-term care fund and provide long-term care assistance to patients.
 Launched the "College Rare Disorder Advocacy Campaign"
 Cooperated with Taiwan Life Education Association and adopted rare diseases as teaching materials into life education courses for schools.
 Held a Professional Training Seminar for personnel concerned with rare diseases and enhanced their professional knowledge on rare diseases.
 Organized the International Conference on Genetic Medicine and Promoting Healthcare for Rare Disorders.
 Published several advocacy publications in English.
 Co-marketed "Ba-Fu Charity Credit Card" with 7 social welfare groups seeking support from the public.
 Displayed social welfare advertisement for public advocacy.
 Continued to organize patient tours and incubated patient groups.
 Continued to pay attention to the global budget's influence on rare disease patients and receive NT$2.66 billion dollars specifically for hemophilia and rare disease patients.
 Participated in the revision of the Physically and Mentally Disabled Citizens Protection Act and Special Education Law.
 Established Southern Region Office in Kaohsiung to extend our service to southern Taiwan.