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 TFRD formally joined EURORDIS and become one of the members.
 The president of TFRD, Dr. Yuan-Tsong Chen, with his researching team announced the first treatment ever for Pompe disease called "Myozyme". This treatment has won marketing approval from U.S. Food and Drug Administration as well as European Medicines Agency.
 Our English website officially announced. TFRD issued the 1st English newsletter in expects to establish an international platform for academic and medical intercourse.
 After 5-year effort, we successfully achieve the goal to make Taiwan government officially took over the execution of the "Expanded Newborn Screening Plan" since July 1st. Adopted the Tandem Mass Spectrometry technology to screening, which could identify more than 20 congenital metabolic disorders, could greatly enlarge the scale of newborn screening.
 The vice president of TFRD, Dr. Min-Chieh Tseng and several board members received the awards from government to recognize their outstanding personal contribution and good performance.
 To assist families with rare diseases to have health babies, we started “the Project of Birth Concern”, Subsidizing 7 families with rare disorders.

 Held “We Should Be Humble When Facing the Dignity of Life” International Press Conference to submit three medical appeals:
1.Since it is very difficult to diagnose a rare disease, diagnosis and confirmation require great care.
2.It is important for patients and physicians to seek a second opinion on rare disease diagnosis and treatment.
3.Research on complications of rare diseases is lacking. Teamwork is the key to save life.
 Image Representative of TFRD, Yu-Xing Yang, made a whole new broadcasting program “Hsin Love World on Rare Disorder”, sponsored by Kuan-Shu Educational Foundation, to share the touching life stories of rare disorders families to the public.
 TFRD received the National Civic Service Award awarded by the NPO Service Organization in recognition of our contribution in servicing rare disease patients.