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 Taichung City Branch Office has been established and we opened up courses on Sensory Integration and Rehabilitation for the patients in Middle Taiwan.
Formally promoted several new services.
1.Home care & phone care services. The services include psychological consulting, self-care and treatment instructions and assisting patients in seeking appropriate medical care.
2.Comprehensive Family Support Program. We opened up diverse courses on medical and psychological counseling, home nursing and even the scheme of personal finance...etc., intending to help the patients’ living in different aspects.
3.Encouraging Grief Consulting. To support the patients or their family to recover from the grief of loosing family members.
4.Nu Cafe. Cooperation with Nu Skin Enterprises Taiwan branch, providing a space for rare disorder patients selling their hand-made products to create employment opportunities.

 Held the 1st Heavenly Melody Chorus Concert at Grace Baptist Church on April 20. This first show drew almost 800 attendants.
 On July 6, we conducted a seminar on “The Future of Tissue Bank for Rare Disorders and Genetic Diseases” in efforts to enhance diagnosis, treatment and research of rare diseases.
 In early August, we helped the brothers Yi-Kai and Yi-Chi, Tseng who are both afflicted with Duchenne Muscular dystrophy, to fulfill their dream of visiting the New York and the Statue of Liberty.
 The 1st athletic meet for rare-disease patients was held.
 Started the cooperation with Yahoo Taiwan to assist the patients starting their online business.
 Held the painting contest, expression of hope by paintings, inviting rare disorder patients to express hope and dreams on drawing papers. Our Kaohsiung City Branch Office held a exhibition to share the public these touching paintings.
 Government of Taiwan officially announced a revised list of the subsidy of assistive devices. That is a great welfare for the rare disorder patients.
 Impressive broadcasting program hosted by the image Representative of TFRD, Yu-Xing Yang, won Golden Bell prize for best social service program.