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 TFRD 10th anniversary documentary makes official debut in Taipei Welfare Center for the Disabled, with the production team, TFRD staff and patient groups attending the event.

 Yonglin Foundation holds a Charity Market in Taipei Flora Expo, inviting rare disease patients and families, as well as patients under the employment services program to set up a vendor booth in the market.
 TFRD is commissioned to execute a trial program by the Ministry of the Interior: “Power subsidy program for the home-care ventilator-dependent patients”. An introduction session is held in March 23rd for relevant patient groups.

 TFRD holds press conference to announce the release of Simple Guides to Rare Disease Physical Therapy DVD, which aims at showing the correct physical therapies to help slow down the progression of diseases, prevent further functional degradation and also help the relieve care givers’ burden.
 TFRD launches the 2010 Firefly spiritual cinema courses.

 TFRD vice-president Dr. Min-Chieh Tsen is g invited to give speech in Ching Hwa University, Beijing, on the topic of the experiences of Taiwan’s rare disease patient groups.

 TFRD holds the 2010 Youth Camp in National Taiwan Sport University. It aims to help teenaged patients develop social skills and interpersonal relationships. 
 First lady Christine Mei-Ching Chou accompanies rare patients for a special Mother’s day event to see the movie ” Let the Wind Carry Me.”
 EMBA/EDBA Alumni Association of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) holds a charity concert “Swing 54” for rare disease patients. 
 Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders (TFRD) and Deltamac Taiwan Co. Ltd. co-host a press conference to announce the release of movie “Extraordinary Measures”DVD. The movie based on the true story of Dr. Chen Yuan-Tsong’s research on the live-saving drug for Pompe diseases patients. Dr. Chen is the current president of the board of TFRD.

 TFRD staff gives holiday visits to rare disease patients and distributes rice dumping donated by OK-Mart on traditional dragon boat festival.

 TFRD holds the annual Summer Outings to Flying Cow Ranch in northern Taiwan, with total a hundred and fifty patients and their families participating in the activity.
 Lions Clubs International donates a vehicle, 3 cough machines and 4 wheelchairs to Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders.
 TFRD South branch holds the first rare disease siblings’ camp.

 TFRD holds the annual Summer Outings to Kentington Resort in southern Taiwan, with a hundred and fifty patients and their families participating in the activity.
 TFRD vice-president Dr. Min-Chieh Tseng receives the 4th National Children Guardian Angel Award and meets president Ma Ying-Jeou.

 TFRD vice-president Dr. Min-Chieh Tseng shares the experience on policy advocacy for rare disease in the Conference on Rare Disease held in Guangdong, China.
 2010 Sounds of love Choir performance held in Kaohsiung Wuchang Church.
 Ms. Serene C Wu receives the 2010 International Caring for Life Award.
 TFRD is awarded with the 20th Medical Dedication Award.

 TFRD and other relevant patient groups call on Department of Health and Bureau of Health Insurance to lobby to subsidize rare disease ventilator-dependent patients at home.
 TFRD conducts a hearing for the amendment of the National Health Insurance Act. Representatives of relevant patient groups are invited and take part in hearing.

 TFRD and United Advertising Co. co-host press conference broadcasting TFRD’s philanthropic commercial film. The film is later broadcasted throughout the country for 1 month. 
 The proposed amendment of Rare Disease and Orphan Drug Act passes three readings in the Legislative Yuan.
 TFRD holds 2010 rare disease patients scholarship ceremony, with 274 patients awarded.
 TFRD president Dr. Yuan-Tsong Chen and vice-president Dr. Min-Chieh Tseng participate the pan-Asia human Gene annual meeting in Hong Kong, sharing experience on orphan drug research and policy lobby.

 TFRD managing director Ms. Serene C Wu and the deputy director participate in the 2nd generation  Health Insurance hearings held in the Legislative Yuan.
 TFRD holds press conference on TFRD’s "Transferring specimen for International Diagnostic Testing Service”.
 TFRD cooperates with Broadcasting Corporation of China to hold a “with hope we embrace love” charity sale. 
 TFRD receives 3,523 sets of books donated from Living Psychology Publisher. Each set of books consists of four books, including Smiling Angel, Moving Forward, 3/4 of Happiness, Finding Magic Mountain, Life with Five Glorious Kids and a Rouge Gene Called FOP, and the Treasure of Love. rare disease families’ life stories.
 TFRD vice-president Dr. Min-Chieh Tseng joins the Eyes on Rare Diseases Seminar in Beijing.