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Founders of TFRD

    Ms. Serena Wu

Dr. Min-Chieh Tseng      

Organizational Structure

 Medical Service Division
The Medical Service Division is mainly responsible for taking care of the medical needs 
of patients, including genetic counseling, referring specimen abroad for diagnostic testing, 
providing disease and orphan drugs information and visiting patients in hospitals. This 
division is also responsible for the publication of education brochures and the promotion 
for newborn screening by tandem mass sepctrometry. 

 Patient Service Division
The Patient Service Division consists of social workers, who provide direct service to patients 
and their families, such as visiting patients, providing financial supports, holding supporting 
groups and conferences, offering social welfare counseling, running Rare Disease Performance 
Workshop, and distributing scholarships. 

 Research and Planning Division
The Research and Planning Division organizes the funding to academic research and thesis, 
relevant publications including books, foundation magazines, newsletters and leaflets, and 
maintaining TFRD official website. Also, this division is responsible for gathering official 
resources, being the advocate for patients' rights and important policy issues, and developing 
innovative service programs.

 Public Relation Division
The Public Relation Division is in charge of getting in touch with the media, fund raising, 
hosting large-scale activities, interviews, and advocating for advertisements and projects. 
They are also responsible for public and campus publicity and patient activities, including 
annual patients’ tours and Rare Disorder Foundation Scholarship Ceremony.

 Administration & Management Division 
In addition to administrative affairs, the Administration Management Divistion also manages 
the donations received by the foundation.

Board of Directors

 Chairman of Board
Dr. Shuan-Pei Lin 
       Tel:886-2-2521-0717 ext:105
 Managing Director
       Min-Chieh Tseng
       Fuu-Jen Tsai
       Yuan-Tsong Chen
       Serena C.Wu
       Chung-Teh Lee
Wuh-Liang Hwu
Yi-Chun Wu
Yu-Chen Liu
Yuan-Cheng Tsai
Yun-Ping Chen
Mei-Chin Chao


 Executive Director

       Ruth Kuan-Ju Chen
       Tel:886-2-2521-0717 ext:107


Taipei Head Office:
There are 49 full-time staff, including 1 executive director, 2 deputy executive directors, 2
chief directors, 1 secretary, 7 social workers, 2 genetic counselors, 1 mental health
service specialist, 2 medical service specialist, 4 research and planning specialists,
5 public relation specialists, 1 nutritionist, and 8 administrative secretaries.

Taichung City Branch Office:
1 chief director, 2 social workers, and 1 genetic counselor,
1 public relation specialists, 2 administrative secretaries.

Kaohsiung City Branch Office:
1 chief director, 2 social workers, and 1 genetic counselor, 1 public relation specialists, 2 administrative secretaries.