RAIDdb : Constructing a web-based and value-added database of inheritance and rare diseases       


In recent years, as the understandings of inheritance and rare diseases increase, people know more about diseases. Genetic diseases, or genetic disorders, are caused by abnormal expression as well as gene or chromosome mutations. This thesis roposes a way to construct a web-based platform, which integrates medical- and biological-related information based on 140 rare diseases announced by BUREAU OF HEALTH PROMOTION, TAIWAN and genetic diseases by OMIM. At present, most of the domestic rare disease-related websites tend to be consultant-oriented, providing the clinical symptoms, treatment and counseling of diseases. The website in the thesis intends to connect diseases , genes , SNP and gene identification techniques in a single platform. The platform can be searched easily by general public and clinical researchers in order to prevent diseases from happening in advance.


Under the influence of internet generalization, people have known to search for knowledge by the internet. However, it is sometimes difficult to identify the accuracy of the complex data. It is also hard to collect specific topics systematically. In the thesis, representative genetic information, clinical symptoms of diseases, different gene expression level among different individuals can be processed by computer techniques (program language C#). Through building up Access database, using ADO.NET object techniques and (ASP, ASP.NET) web page techniques, we construct a web-based and value-added database of Inheritance and rare diseases database (RAIDdb). There are two kinds of interface, Chinese and English versions. The advantages of this design is to provide useful information to patients and their families, it can also be used by experts of the field. The other strong point is to reduce searching time and increase the efficiency.


Keywords: rare disease of inheritance , web database , value-added database, gene identification techniques , OMIM