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  Center for Disease Control, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

Center for Disease Control's goal is to promote national health by preventing diseases through active involvement, sound healthcare networks, expertise and proficiency, the full participation of all people, and participation in international activities, and by implementing prevention and control measures against communicable diseases.

  Bureau of Health Promotion
Bureau of Health Promotion's major functions of the Bureau are to actively promote the health of the population, to utilize basic health and other information to formulate healthcare policies addressing to the specific needs of local communities, to strengthen primary health care, to construct supporting environment by mobilizing the communities, to help the public in the self-management of their own health though health education, and to collaborate with health bureaus, health stations, the community, work places, schools, medical care institutions, and other organizations concerned to work together to help the people build a desirable lifestyle, and thus to prevent or eliminate diseases and improve the quality of life.  BOHP promises to work hand in hand with you to construct a healthy new Taiwan for the 21st century.
  Bureau of Food and Drug Analysis
The Bureau of Food and Drug Analysis ( BFDA ) was established on September 20, 1978. At that time, the former Taiwan Provincial Hygienic Laboratory, originally founded in 1946, was  reorganized. And the newly  established institute was under the auspices of Department of Health as the BFDA.  The purpose of establishing this institute is to provide the citizens and consumers in Taiwan ample health protection through implementing the safety regulation of foods and drugs. The proper control of quality of these products can  only be achieved by setting high standards and conducting sound research of regulatory science. To accomplish these challenging goals, BFDA has conducted research, collected data, analyzed food and drug samples to ensure the proper protection of the health of citizens in Taiwan.
  Department of Health
The Executive Yuans Department of Health (DOH) is Taiwans highest authority on health, and is responsible for national-level health administration and the guidance, supervision and coordination of local health agencies.
The Department aims to maintain the health of all people in Taiwan by driving forward various health-related tasks with the hope that everyone will receive "friendly, convenient and efficient" health and medical service.
  Ministry of the Interior
The Ministry of the Interior is charged with administration of the Nation??s internal affairs. The scope of its duties covers population, land, construction, military service administration, social welfare, local administration systems, peace and order, and disaster/emergency aid and rescue. The Ministry closely monitors the rights and welfare of the residents, social welfare, and every aspect of national development. To speed up the progress of the Nation, strengthen social peace and order, and upgrade the quality of people??s lives, the Ministry strives to achieve the following:  

1.Accomplish government reform to boost government vitality;
2.Provide convenient welfare services;
3.Care for the minorities;
4.Promote a fair military service system;
5.Implement pragmatic growth management to promote sustainable development;
6.Reinforce police administration reform;
7.Strengthen crisis management to build a comprehensive disaster prevention system;
8.Manage the goals to rebuild the Nation into a beautiful hometown;
9.Implement walk-around management and close planning/control The above objectives seek to ensure a comprehensively planned administration and encourage all personnel to push forward various operations with proactive, sincere, caring, and innovative attitudes.
  Ministry of Education
We undertake the reform with a vision to realize the fundamen-
tal concepts of humanism, fairness, democracy and pluralism, helping all learners to fully realize their creativity in a new knowledge-based environment. We sincerely hope that, through the implementation of holistic education, our next generations can develop their aptitude and various abilities, be inspired to care for others, society and nature, and contribute to the world as much as they can.
  Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training
Under the Council of Labor Affairs' policy guidelines, BEVT is mandated to expand the scale and the scope of vocational training, upgrade worker skills, improve the effectiveness of employment services and encourage employment suitability, as well as strengthen the mechanism for the work permit approval and supervision of foreign workers in Taiwan.
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