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  500 Osmanthus trees waiting for your adoption to support fundraisi

Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorder (TFRD) is planning to set up the rare disease welfare homeland, a disabled service center join with retreat, rehabilitation, gardening therapy and healing function. TFRD already got the land for center set up and now is in renovations. There are 500 osmanthus trees over 15 years old in this land need be cultivated carefully. Thus, TFRD initiate...
  Ms. Serena Wu awarded with the 2010 International Caring for Life Award

On September 10th 2010, one of the founders of TFRD, Ms. Serena Wu, was awarded with the 2010 International Caring for Life Award--Wisdom Award given by the Dharma Drum Mountain Foundation. The award has been given in honoring individuals who, despite hardships in their lives, shows long-standing contributions on suicide prevention and spiritual counseling for the youth in the ...
  Extraordinary Measures DVD released

The DVD of “Extraordinary Measures”, the movie based on the true story of Dr. Chen Yuan-tsong’s research on the live-saving drug for Pompe diseases patients, was released in Taiwan. Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders (TFRD) and Deltamac Taiwan Co. Ltd. co-hosted a press conference to announce the release of the DVD. Former president of the Academia S...
  Press conference to announce release of Simple Guides to Rare Disease Physical Therapy DVD

Occurring in extremely low frequencies, rare diseases are very diverse and complicated. So far, more than 70% of rare diseases lack aggressive treatment methods. However, proper and precise physical therapies can effectively slow down the progression of such diseases and prevent functional degradations. On top of that, physical therapies can lessen burdens on caregivers and in turn strengthen ...
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